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ACE Phase Converter
A leading manufacturer of  phase converters for 25 years.  Built to last with a quality warranty. Ace custom tailors to fit each of their customers needs even worldwide.

TEMCo Phase Converter
TEMCo has produced phase converters since 1968.  Quality products internationally and throughout the United States.

Types of Phase Converters
There are many types of phase converters. Static and Rotary in which static is just a start circuit that lets it run on single phase power. A rotary phase converter allows power to all three phases. There are digital converters and also CNC phase converters.

How to Select the Right Phase Converter
In order to make the proper selection there are three things that you must know.  First the type of equipment that you are trying to run, the horse power that is uses along with the amperage..

Applications of Phase Converters
There are several types of applications of phase converters such as compressors, welders, and CNC equipment.

Finding a Quality Phase Converter Manufacturer
Look at how long the manufacturer has been in business and make sure that they offer a high quality warranty on their product.  Always make sure that the product is what they say it is and you want to make sure that their product has a high rating along with their service rating.

Rotary Phase Converter
While some business and residential areas are only supplied with single phase electrical capabilities the rotary phase converter will meet the demands of running equipment that requires three phase electrical power by converting that single phase power to a three phase electrical power. 

What is a CNC Phase Converter?
Using a balanced three phase generator that has power factor correction, this is the true three phase converter. They are used for many applications that have sensitive circuit equipment.

Difference between a Rotary Phase Converter and Static Phase Converter
A rotary converter will run three phase electrical equipment at full power on a single phase electrical outlet. A static phase converter will only start the three phase equipment up on the single phase electrical outlet but will still be running only on that single phase outlet and could be damaging to your three phase equipment.

Difference Between A Rotary Phase Converter And A Static Phase Converter





Difference Between A Rotary Phase Converter and A Static Phase Converter

Difference Between a Rotary Phase Converter and a Static Phase Converter





In this reading you will learn the difference between a rotary phase converter and a static phase converter. You need to know the difference between a rotary phase converter and a static phase converter because if you don't, your equipment that you are trying to generate might not produce the results and solutions that you are looking for so it is very important that you know the differences.


Let's start with the static phase converters. The static phase converter does not produce true three phase power.  It does not actually power three phase power except for the start up and if it continues to run like this it can be very damaging to your equipment.  As soon as it starts up, the static phase converter circuitry disconnects and your motor or equipment is only running now on single phase power.  When learning the difference between a rotary phase converter and a static phase converter one usually learns that the static phase converter is not what you want to purchase especially if it is being used with the wrong applications.  When any equipment or machinery states that it requires a three phase power, than that is what you must have.  It must have a true three phase power and produce a balanced load, or again you equipment will not run properly and more than likely it will be damaged.

Static phase converters are cheaper in cost but in the long run more costly due to the nature of static phase converter technology. The lifespan of static phase converter is not very long. They wear out much quicker and you will soon learn that it has to be replaced, considering you may have to replace it every couple of years. If you damage your equipment also, then you are looking at more costs. One thing to consider when knowing the difference between a rotary phase converter and the static phase converter is you would never want to run machinery or equipment that operates continually close to the maximum rated horsepower from the motor that operates them.  What happens is the static phase converter appears to be working well in slower speeds but if higher speeds are needed than the static phase converter isn't able to give that power which makes the equipment basically useless in it's performance.   


Now we will talk about the rotary phase converters when learning about the difference between the rotary phase converter and the static phase converter. The rotary phase converter is the most common type of phase converter used in the market today.  The rotary phase converter is the true three phase converter which produces three phase power from a single phase power source.  The rotary phase converter is the most wildly used phase converter with industries all over the world.  A lot of companies will say they are selling you a rotary phase converter but in reality what they are selling you is a static phase converter so that is why it is so important in learning the difference between a rotary phase converter and and static phase converter. When using a rotary converter, you are able to not only provide power to one machine but to more than one at a time which provides a continuous source of three phase power.  The rotary phase converter uses a balanced three phase generator with a power factor correction.  A good quality rotary phase converter should last you more than 35 yrs with little or no maintenance on them.  That is much different from the static phase converters as you can see.

Knowing the difference between the rotary phase converter and the static phase converter is so important to know so that you don't damage any of your equipment.  With a true three phase rotary converter you can be assured that your equipment and or machinery will be running as if it was being run by the utility company. A good quality rotary phase converter is manufactured with the highest quality materials using such things as 100% copper wiring for all the windings. The main thing with a good rotary phase converter is you will know that your equipment is running on a completely balanced load which it would not be if you were using a static phase converter. 

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Top  Rated Manufacturer of Phase Converters:

ACE Phase Converters

TEMCo Phase Converters


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